Alleluia Baskets

An inviting window treatment for this non-profit

Karen Mesler, the Founder of Alleluia Baskets in St. Peters, Missouri, spends most of her time trying to ensure that kids receive an Easter Basket on Easter Morning.

Since their inception in 2004, an on-going need remained out of their reach, that is, a long-term location for their shoppe that holds the baskets and all the items that go in the baskets leading to make kids smile on Easter morning. It is not that Karen wasn’t looking; it was just that “home” for Alleluia Baskets needed to be just right!

Finally, in January of 2019, Karen found just the right spot in Old Town St. Peters! Karen and CPS were extremely excited to work together to give Alleluia Baskets the adorable and affordable storefront window vinyl and installation that they needed to stand out on Main Street.

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