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Our number one goal? To be the trusted single-point provider of all your printing, signage, and promotional item needs.

No matter what type of print solution you are looking for, we’ve got you covered.  Yet, oftentimes you may not know what to do or how to navigate your options.  That’s where we come in.

Our network of best of breed printers in the greater St. Louis area allows us to find the optimal production platform and overall solution for your needs.  Our decades of experience in the process of consulting, designing, and producing creative and unique print collateral helps us to help you “think out of the box”.

We work as an extension of your internal team to brainstorm and design your promotions and source the highest quality and most cost-effective production solution.

Sometimes "the way we've always done it" is not the best way to get it done!

Have you been working with the same printing company forever?  Think about mixing it up. We have a great example of how a little change can have surprising (and lucrative) results.

We got a call from a new client looking to do a high-quantity print job that they had been doing for years with another print provider.  The new client had been satisfied with their long-time print provider, only this time for some reason that provider just couldn’t promise timely delivery.  That’s when we got the call.

The routine print job consisted of 400,000 posters that needed to be printed and folded.  When our new client received our proposal they immediately called us and said, “there’s got to be something wrong here….your quote is nearly $17,000 less” than their long-time print provider.

It turns out the printing company did not have the equipment that would allow them to print and fold the poster right off the press.  They had been printing the posters, sending the job to be trimmed, and then a third process of folding. 

With an understanding of the job specs and access to a network of printers with a wide variety of printing capabilities and production options, we were able to select a printer with a press that could trim and fold in one process for what turned out to be a huge savings for the client.

Talk to us first!

If you’re thinking about how to execute that next mission critical campaign or promotion, talk to us first! We save our clients time, money, and headaches when we get involved early in the planning process.

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Let’s talk about how Creative Printing Services can help you get that “Wow!” factor for your next project.

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