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5 Surprising Ways to Market with Packaging

Packaging is one of your most essential marketing tools if you sell products on the retail shelf. When buyers decide between two products, labels and packaging can be the deciding factor. When buyers plan to purchase one product, great labels and packaging can entice them to buy another.

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Creative Gatefolds That Get Attention

Want to get your customers’ attention? Incorporate creative folds that add dimension and interest. Gatefolds, in particular, are cost-effective tools that add high interest and engagement to your pieces. Whether you are producing marketing collateral, event invitations, or direct mail, these fun, creative folds can repeatedly engage your audience with your marketing content.

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What’s Drip Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Harness the power of drip marketing to transform shopper behavior with strategically timed, multi-channel communications. Propel prospects through the sales funnel with a tailored blend of emails, direct mail, mobile messages, and newsletters, designed to influence at every stage.

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Email: The Perfect Direct Mail Add-On

Want to increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns? Add a branded email with the same design components as the direct mail piece so that they are part of an integrated campaign. Adding branded email as a secondary touch doubles the customer.

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