Machinery Labels

Labels Strong enough for Sandblasters!

Clemco Industries of Washington, MO had struggled to find a printing company who could produce specialized decals for their sand blasting machinery and other products. The labels needed to be tough enough to adhere to the machinery but also meet Clemco’s desired aesthetic. 

Producing the labels would present a number of challenge for the typical printer.

The Challenges

  • The client wanted the labels to be printed on clear material to allow the machine surface to show through
  • The design required a 5-color process since the substrate was clear, adding an opaque white initial layer to ensure the 4-color logo would not appear washed out.
  • A strong adhesive backing was required to ensure durability and adhesion to the rough texture surface of the painted metal sand blasters
  • Quantities varied as some machines were produced and sold at high quantities while others were sold only a few times a year.

The Results

Creative Printing Services did extensive research and uncovered multiple resources who could produce the labels using both conventional and digital printing methods. We provided Clemco with the flexibility they required along with a product that met the highest standards for quality, aesthetics, and durability.

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