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Work with us for fast turn-around and competitive pricing on small quantity color printing as well as large scale printing solutions.  Let us sort out the technical details and source the optimal production platform to meet your needs. When your desired results call for the expert craftsmanship and technical expertise of conventional/offset print presses, we deliver.

Working with a wide range of expert printing providers, we can focus solely on effectively meeting all of your print needs without trying to sell to our in-house equipment. Our strong printing partner network allows us to seek the optimal solution for you so we can deliver your project with the highest-quality results, while ensuring the most cost-effective output without compromise to quality.

We follow every project from start to finish with a commitment to customer service excellence.

Digital vs. Offset or Conventional Printing

If you’re like many of our clients, you don’t have the time or desire to understand the technicalities around how print pieces are produced. You simply want the best quality, the fastest turn-around, and at the best price with the highest ROI. That’s where we come in.

Still reading ? While you’re interested in having CPS navigate and steer your next print job, you enjoy being well informed! So here goes…


Digital printing is a professional printing method that may be most suitable for small-run jobs produced using digital sources and/or desktop publishing programs. The benefits include a fast-turnaround and ease of file preparation. As technology has improved, so have the capabilities and quality of output.

Offset printing or  lithography is the most common kind of printing for high volume commercial jobs.

The set up for Offset printing can be expensive but pay off in quality of output for large jobs.

The image is burned onto metal plates—one for each color, using CMYK colors as well as custom Pantone colors. Then the image is transferred from the plates onto rubber rolls. The different colors of ink are spread onto the rubber and then the paper is run between them. The paper goes through all of the rolls, layering on the color, to get the final image.

The benefits of Offset include superior image quality and true color tones.  At large quantities, your job may be more cost effective.

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