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Creative Gatefolds That Get Attention

Want to get your customers’ attention? Incorporate creative folds that add dimension and interest. Gatefolds, in particular, are cost-effective tools that add high interest and engagement to your pieces. Whether you are producing marketing collateral, event invitations, or direct mail, these fun, creative folds can repeatedly engage your audience with your marketing content.

Four types of gatefolds are easy on the budget and add flair and interest to your promotions simultaneously. Let’s take a look.

Classic Gatefold: This format starts with an oversized sheet that is scored and folded into three panels, with the two outside panels folding in to meet in the middle. The classic gatefold opens—you guessed it—like a gate. This cost-effective format gives you six total panels to work with yet folds into a standard mailing size.

Asymmetrical Gatefold: This is like a traditional gatefold, but the folds are offset so that one flap is larger. This interesting fold provides the same surface area for your message but adds variety and visual interest.

Closed Gatefold: This format starts with an even larger oversized sheet, then folds down one additional time, giving you eight panels. You can orient this fold to open horizontally or vertically in portrait and landscape formats, giving you creative flexibility. The closed gatefold offers you both a “first view” (when you first open the piece) and a “second view” (when you open it up further), allowing your story to unfold sequentially.

Gate or Closed Gate with Pocket: Want to give something away? Provide a free sample, add a card or other promotional item? Gatefold pieces can include interior pockets to tuck your gift or sample, creating surprise and delight.

Using different types of folds is a great way to create engagement and get your audience to open and close the piece multiple times. Every time they open or close a fold, they are exposed to your message repeatedly. Doing so reinforces that message and helps them remember it. Interesting folds also increase the chances that they will share the experience with someone else.

Want your audience’s attention? Try a gatefold!

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